Christian Camp C-on Kinshuko


Our Camp C-on(Zion) Kinshuko has been served many people since 1968.

About 45 years ago, God give a missionary a vision that he will bless his churches through camp ministry.Mr.Jim Weber, he is the one.

At the beginning, the ministry started with Big Tent. In 1968, first camp house was built and we have been able to do our ministry program all through the year.

For 45 years, many people have been gathered together, had retreat, studied His Word, met Jesus, and some of them made a decision to be full-time minister.

The first director Mr.&Mrs.Weberand last director Mr. & Mrs.Sasaki had always walked with God and done a lot of work for His Vision.

And now in the beginning of 21st century, God will bless His churches more and more through our camp.

There are various types of camp in all year long.It's for every generations from preschool kids to elder people.There are family camp, small group training,denomination's conference and more.

In the middle of beautiful nature in every seasons, people can taste His Wonders of creation.

As a place for rest on the journey to our true home, C-on (Zion).